Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I  know this is definitely not the tokyo or let's say traditional outfit they wear in Japan but my inspiration for this shoot was my japanese umbrella which is they call it.... Paper Parasol Umbrella. This was my second session with Bridget and she did a good job following all my instructions. I was her make up artist, hairstylist and stylist. I didn't have assistant either. I NEED ONE!

Bridget helped to put those wallpapers together to use it as her background. I will be making lots of backgrounds soon. DIY is my buddy! And it's a cheaper way to do it!

Curling her hair wasn't the hardest part. Taking pictures while curling her hair wasn't comfortable at all.

Bridget without her make up on.

 After styling her hair, I took my scarves and I created an outfit for her to wear. I love fashion so much!

After applying the make up. I didn't go crazy on her make up because I love the simple look for this concept. 

I was blown away when I put these two pictures together. The first image is also my photograph. If you don't know about me, my last name before i got married was Salera :) I took that picture 2 years ago and It's still my favorite!

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