Saturday, May 11, 2013


It's been 3 years since these photographs I took and I can't believe I locked it up for so long. I know I've posted these images on my Facebook and I can't remember if i posted it here on my blog. (shame on me) But when I was continuing organizing my old external hard drive, I found them good pictures! I miss my nikon. Yea there's some floss the focusing and angles here and there but that's how i learned. But I am not writing a blog to critic my work. I was actually blown away and appreciates my old photographs. My clients requested a vintage look so I decided to mix their style and my style. Shamia is also a photographer and now a blogger inspiring the women. Elliot is a journalist in manhattan. Of course these couple made it to the altar. They got married and i was also their photographer and i am on my way to find their wedding pictures... again (shame on me) Oh yes they received their pictures but I just didn't get a chance to blog it because I wasn't a very organize person when it comes to pictures.

I also want to give a shout out to my loving husband who helped me out to make this engagement session happened. He was my awesome assistant and he also contributed on this session by sharing more ideas. Love you bah bah - I put that as his signature. (giggle)

We did the photoshoot at Elliot parent's house. I love Pennsylvania! They have so many beautiful places.

We obviously didn't plan the rain. The nature contributed very well and I asked my client if they have no problem if I shot them in the rain. 

Shamia was really reading an old letter. I enjoyed all the old letters and old envelopes Elliot's mum showed us and of course she let us use it for our photo shoot. 


  1. I truly enjoy great photograpy. My favoite movies are love stories. With your subjects being contagious I very much enjoyed watching their love story unfold.

    You are very multi-talented Joy. I am glad I took the time to view your blog, and I will diffently be stopping back.

  2. They seem like a sweet couple. I love how you capture them.


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