Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Meet my last year's beautiful bridesmaid. I'm glad she was part of my bridal party! Roxanne is such a humble person and suuuuuper sweet! Every time she visits me, it excites me because I know we laugh like crazy. She's pretty funny and very energetic. Today finally I get to photographed her.... solo. She told me she thought it was going to be a stressful photoshoot but she said it wasn't at all and she had so much fun. Oh YES this gal knows how to follow instructions. I love how easy it was working with her today. Her smile is my favorite!


I just simply used lightroom and didn't even touch my CS6. This concept doesn't need manipulation and I intentionally wanted to show her really beauty. Of course I still love photo manipulations and CS6 is still my playground but I wanted to make my job easier.


Yes of course it's so obvious that i only used natural light coming from the window.


I will definitely reveal that later because i wanted to preserve my ideas for now. I will blog all my ideas/DIYs later on.

Make up: Roxanne Brucal
Photographer/Hair stylist : Joy Langston


  1. Awesome pictures!!! The model is beautiful and the background's color was really rich and vibrant. Love it!!!


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