Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bloggin under hurricane

Today is supposed to be sandy's visit. We're not excited about it. Me & my husband finally decided
to evacuate even though we didn't get any warning.. Hopefully I'll be able to blog it. But right now
I wanna show you how much I had fun spending time with my family & my cute nephew 
yesterday! He's the cutest. I'll will also show you some of the halloween fun stuff I shoot 2 days
ago since I already blogged a little bit about it. I didn't do a lot of editing. I just put them
in a collage & a little bit of color corrections & here you go! I usually go crazy with my editing
but since I'm so worried about the power going off, I had to do some microwave tricks in my
photoshop. So here ya go! I'm so excited to show you off my beautiful cupcake! Love love him!

Here's my 3 handsome men of my life! My dad, my nephew lhervronn & my husband. 
So glad to see them all spending time together!

He's been trying to talk.. He's only 3 months but sooo soooo smart already! Giggle!

MONSTER BASH - continuation

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