Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Just another day for me. It's be rough & i tell you what i can't even laugh about it. But I'm here 
blogging tuesday just to update my viewers. And no worries, I'm pasting the positivities on my 
forehead to keep me going. Coffee day, waffle day, as long as my tummy is happy, I think I'll be 
ok... God is good. Always. Here's my favorite wedding photos I shoot last month. It's just hard to 
update every weddings I did recently. I get more excited to post the present situations. 

Here's some of my favorite wedding photos I took on Melissa & Brian's wedding.
here's part 1. http://joylangstonphotography.blogspot.com/2012/10/brian-melissa-pt1.html

I wish i had a beach wedding too... It's been always my dream! But I got everything that I want except
the beach wedding. 

The groom and the bride wanted to meet up before their actual ceremony. My photos will tell you the 
story :)

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