Saturday, November 3, 2012


This song is so classic to me but every time i listen to it, it encourage me & makes me cry. I even 
sang it myself & recorded a video. The lyrics goes: 

Little flowers never worry
When the wind begins to blow.
And they never, never cry
When the rain begins to fall.

Oh, it's wet and oh so cold, 
Soon the sun will shine again.
Then they'll smile unto the world, 
For their beauty to behold.

When the clouds begin to gather
And the wind begins to blow, 
Little flowers don't complain, 
Though they're tossing to and fro.

Oh, I guess they've learned the secret, 
They don't fret because they know, 
If it never, never rained, 
Then they'd never, never grow.

So, let it rain, let it rain, let it pour, 
Little trouble keep on knocking at my door, 
If we'll learn the right from wrong, 
It will help to make us strong.

Lord, please help us learn the secret, 
Even little flowers know, 
If it never, never rains
Then we'll never, never grow.

My version

When I woke up, I decided to grab my dried roses & borrowed tanya's tea cup. Yes, I saved them. 
Monday, that day... when we got to pastor's house, I asked my husband if he knows where he kept 
my coffee because he was the one that grabbed all the groceries. He forgot it in our flat. So I begged 
him to go back there. So we went back to grab it. We only had few minutes left. Jersey city Website
announced that we have to be inside the house at exactly 2pm. So we're so in a hurry! For some 
reason, out of many important items in our flat, i grabbed the roses. It was funny but I didn't know 
why I had to grab it. I did it for no reason. But now I'm just so amazed I'm writing about it with a
smile. It makes so much sense now. It's a good memory for me. It reminded me to listen to the 
song again. 

 after listening to it again, It felt like I woke up in a great place. Hope activated. Faith became strong.

Me & Nate had an awesome breakfast this morning. I told him how much I love him & he goes,
 "Baby, this is our first trial together" and my heart cried. He gave me hug me with so much emotion.

We are thankful we have a place to stay & food to eat. It's not a fancy food but it's such a BIG
blessing especially we all know that there's many people out there that doesn't have anything to
eat. Bread & eggs, my favorite & it will never get old.

I was ready to write a blog earlier. It took so long because I've been working on many different things. 

I was also working on making my own scarf. Yes yes.. I saved them too! I grabbed it without a doubt!

First of all, we want to thank Jesus Christ. HE IS SO GOOD. 
I also want to thank Abigail Langston for being there for us... and so as Raphael. We're so blessed to 
have you guys as our true friends. Thank you Abby for being such a great sister to me... 

 Evan came to check on us as well.. Thank you. Of course 
Grandpa, Grandpa that are so worried. Thank you for all the love & care. My grand parents are both 
gone but I thank God for new grandparents. I love you both so much... To Terry & Stormy, Thank 
you for all the encouragements. We love you.

To the Langston family, Thank you for adopting us again. My tapestry family.. I love you all. 
Thank you for the prayers. My family in Kentucky... especially mama Carmel.. 
I love you. Thank you for raising money to help us.. You are our hero. 
I love you the Rich family... 

The people from up state New york, thank you for visiting us
just to bring all those goodies.. you guys are the best. You all touched our hearts. 

I received great news as well this morning.. Emily from upstate new york called me about my gown
& nate's suit. The dry cleaning shop told her that they will donate their service.. we don't need to pay
for it. They're going to restore it for us! So happy! 

I'm so glad I get to talk to Laurelee this morning too..we cried together. My thank youss are none
stop. I love you laurelee!

To my number 1 hero. Thank you for all the love & for being such a wonderful mom. 
I love you and dad.. I'm so glad i get to see dad's face too last tuesday and so as my nephew! 
And our awesome filipino friends! It was fun seeing them that day. 

My childhood friend shobe, thank you so much for all the clothes & for your sweet letter! You
made me cry! 

I can't believe my sister surprised me the other day as well and she was carrying all her awesome
clothes that she didn't want to let go & her important purse. She gave it to me without a second 
thought. Thank you & I love you so much. Her husband came with her too. 

THANK YOUSSSS are unstoppable. 

Please please please, don't stop praying for us. 

much love 
Joy Langston

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