Thursday, January 27, 2011

something I really do appreciate

I took this picture 3hrs boyfriend is very adventurous lol but most especially, sweet... Oh by the way, this is where I live :) I thank God I have a place to stay. Once a week sometimes twice, he visits me & hang out. What I love about him is, He buys groceries for me hahah in return, I cook for him. He loves eggs with milk,cheese & I put garlic too. Oh the secret ingredients is, don't use regular oil. Butter is awesome. So tonight, he was my chef (so cute) He prepared scallops. It is the best! I will post the video here. I haven't edit it yet.

I really do appreciate what he did for me earlier. He cooked, he drove even though he knew the bad snow was coming...

He email me before he came to visit. (when he was in the city)

I'm on my way to columbia right now for a class. I will get the rice cooker for you and stop by the store for some eggs and rice. How do you cook the scallops? Is it easy? Do you have the ingredients? What could we have with rice eggs and ...I dunno. You decide. Oh wait, I want noodles. My spicy noodle preferably; I will bring them. Xoxo.
Ps. Don't go out in this weather, wait for me to get groceries

the "Ps. msg" made me speechless... It is good to know that he cares & concern. I'm just that thankful.


  1. very nice pic! and cute blog! :D

  2. Nathanael LangstonJanuary 27, 2011 at 8:51 AM

    The roads that night were seriously hazardous! I was one of the few who made it out alive!!! Hahaha...xoxo Nathanael


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