Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"LOVE"ster New year!

I know It's been couple of weeks since after new year & I know I should have posted this a long time ago but I was just too lazy to find the file haha neeyways,I'm so glad I get to celebrate New year with my love again... (feels good) It was our "Love-"ster day. Man these lobsters are really pricey! $10 bucks each? eeeyikes!

Special thanks to Tracy & Pastor Anthony for their effort cooking/preparing everything! It was delish! Everything was delish! Until next year! weeee!

hahah I was too serious watching the kids playing wii!

awwwe, look at my lovely nathan... I just love looking at him. He's like a baby boy playing with his lo-lo-lobster LOL

the Good thing about the cam'ra is "there's a timer" and I was just acting here & this bf came in & ready for some actions tarraaan! hahaha

Ok so, I shouldn't put my logo here... I forgot.. I gotta give Brooklynn langston a good credit for this picture. THANKS BROO! she captured my boyfriend's sweetness... (in love)

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