Thursday, January 27, 2011

Winter is the winner

I went outside when I woke up & it feels like I was Inside the freezer! I was supposed to go to the mall to buy some personal stuff but I decided to just shoot & shoot and shoot LOL my feet feels like it was bleeding or something. I need a winter boots! Well, 2 months more, winter will be over so might as well wait until winter stuff will go on sale hahah I like cheap stuff with mad rad quality ;)

anyway, About the HDR effects, a lotta photographers hate this effect. Well I don't. This is something personal U kno? something U like for your stuff. mmm let's say, a lil flava so your pictures will turn rad ;) Oh well, I like listening to people's suggestion but if it is something I like to do & they criticize it, ehhh, nah. (next!)

OK so, This is a new thing I've learned last night. Shutter speed techniques. Ofcourse this is not from photoshop effects.

what I love about this area is, There's an antique store. It's really fun to look at the stuff they got. They're just pricey. I will sneak over there & shoot for u to see what they have ;)

I've 2 new people today! my neighbors! they're really cool.. this is mike by the way. He's been in his place for 30 years. WOW! he told me about all the history around the area. It was awesome! I'm about to check everything he said.

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