Thursday, October 18, 2012

Corina & Dan's Wedding

What an awesome opportunity I had! I get to photograph Corina & Pastor Dan's BIG day!
It was traditional & beautiful! I appreciate weddings and It's fun seeing people smiling on their
stressful day. It's very inspiring. 

I love the way I edited these images. It kind of gave it a little drama to it! See, the thing about editing,
you have to own it and love it! OF COURSE I LOVE IT! I'm sure it's not everybody's taste but to
be able to come up with a new recipe makes me happy =D

I remember the first time we had the location first look, the bride wanted to have a photo session 
outside because she wanted trees on the background. But I told her, that I don't think it is possible 
because her wedding is at night. But when I had a chance to look around after the ceremony, I saw
a perfect location that has indoor trees! But ehem.. I didn't know it was a restricted area

We're all walking away and I'm so so happy I captured these ladies while walking back to the 
reception area. What happened was, I didn't know that building wasn't part of marriot hotel. It 
was from a different company. Dania (the bridemaid) told me that there's a security and they want
us out! hahaha I told the bridal party, "IT'S OK! LET'S TAKE A RISK FOR PICTURE SAKE!"
The image above this image was a restricted area. The bridal party was so ready to walk 
away but i stopped them because it was the only area where it has better view. We can't go out first
of, I don't have better equipment for night outdoor shooting. And once you get out of the building,
all they have is a parking lot lol 

These boys are my favorite! In fact, it was my favorite photo that night! While waiting on the bride
and the groom, I had this quick idea! I couldn't put everybody together because they're all busy and
waiting for the program. I told these kiddos to do the CEO pose. I had to laugh because they can't 
do it 100% HAHAHA It's soooo cute! They're lovely kids! I thought it was challenging but these boys
are not hard to please! 

Another beautiful night with my husband. Can't ask for more... He's very supportive! 

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