Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Brian & Melissa pt.1

Meet this beautiful bride Melissa. She's the most calm bride I've ever met! I'm glad I captured her special day. The first time I've met her at starbucks, she made me try this hot chocolate with soymilk & since then, I can't forget the taste! IT was soooo goood! I love her GOWN! It's so simple! I love simple gowns because you can see the real beauty of it. 

She is such a beauty & she smiles a lot too & very calm as water.

I've met her cool make up artist as well.. She's so nice & sweet!

The bride's sister (Her made of honor) which I kept forgetting that she's her made of
honor because I'm too focus on my job. The truth is, I can't remember her name! I KNO! I'm really
bad at remembering names! But her sister is such a lovely woman & fun!

Here's part II

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