Friday, February 1, 2013


Hello world! Another early/late blog! You know what I mean? Ah! this is such a bad habit! I need to change my blog time! But I'm sooo busy and couldn't do it! I had fun rehearsing with my worship team singers! But before they came, I took pictures of my favorite things! I just want to share some awesome tea idea set up!

I LOVE LOVE tea parties! That's why I came up with these DIY tea set up. As we go along, I will tell you my little secret. Ssssh! don't spill the milk yet. We will get there.

My set up is very simple and clean. I wanted it to look so fresh. When we went to Ikea, my husband was wondering where in the world I'm gonna put all the stuff I bought. He told my team about it too. And he was like " Oh now I see, that works!" haha He's too funny. 

Here's where I got these goodies and how much they cost!

Sweet plate 1 - dollar store $1.25 each 
Sweet plate 2 - dollar store $1.45 each
3 Small Candle stand - dollar store $1.25 each
Tea cup flower vase - dollar store $1.25 each
Pearl necklaces - dollar store $1.00 each
Gold spoon/fork - Cost mart - $1.99 each
Flower vase - salvation army - $0.50 each
Teapot flower vase - salvation army - $1.00 each
Frames - Ikea $1.99 each
Teacups - Ikea $0.25 each
Candle pink holder - $5.00
Chalkboard - Michaels $2.00
Birch Branch - Michaels $17.99
Carnation flowers - $2.00
Pink roses - $2.00

These pearl necklace are pretty! I went to the dollar store few blocks away from my flat and i was actually doing a last minute shopping. I believe it was before Christmas eve and it was raining! I was in line waiting to pay then I saw these pearl and I heard these necklaces screaming at me. I believe I purchased 20 pieces? Since they're only $1 each. NO i didn't buy it because I wanted to wear it! The reason why i purchased it because when i saw them goodies, I had a quick idea! My DIY brain popped!

I'm soooo impressed how this tea cup looked great when I used it as a flower vase. I know this idea is not unique anymore but putting a candle holder made it look unique!

These choco roll are SOOOoooOOOO ahhhhHH! addicting! It's sooooo good! I recommend these sweets! They smell good and taste so mmmlicious!

I hope you enjoyed our little adventure here! I cannot wait to share more ideas! Have a happy slappy clappy day!

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