Friday, February 1, 2013

Spill d' milk 001

Wow, so I finally decided that I'm ready to spill the milk! Yes! You are not gonna believe how simple I edit my pictures! There's so many photoshoppers out there that has different style. But mine is a piece of cake! So here we go. Let's SPILL THIS MILK NOW!



How to achieve this effect? It's very simple!

Add new fill layer then solid color.

Choose ff9d4e then hit ok.

The change the blending mode to screen.

Change the opacity to 42%.

Create adjustment layer and select selective color
Magenta + 47

Cyan -78
Magenta + 33
Yellow + 28

Cyan  + 46
Magenta - 2
Yellow + 43

Hold down command+option+shift at the same time then hit E Then resize your picture to what ever size you would prefer. Just simply go to IMAGE then image size then choose any size you want. I usually resize mine to

resolution 72

Then go to filter sharpen, smart sharpen and sharpen your image.. your own choice!
BAM! done! Woo hoo!

I used the same effect for this image too!



I cannot wait to share more! Please try it yourself! Share it to me and let's see how you did yours using my own technique! YAY!


  1. Joy, I am just starting to learn about photo editing. Do you ever use apps on your phone to edit? I have snapseed but feel overwhelmed with it at times. I would love to know if you use anything other than photoshop, thanks!

    1. hi rachael! good thing i checked this section! so sorry for the late reply! I use adobe CS6 to edit pictures..


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