Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our valentine continuation

Finally, I had a chance to finish all my images.. As I promised, I will continue posting what I started here

My idea worked well most especially for my husband because most of our money was spent for our first car. It was worth it but our first plan was just to go out and eat, have dinner but I told my husband that I wanted something different this year. See, my husband is artistic in a different way but I'm more on practical way, like you know.. I love putting efforts and working creating building stuff. At least something that is really enjoyable to do. Believe it or not, we spent $50 for our dinner & some extra groceries because we already ran out of important goodies. But still, if we went out to eat, we're prolly going to spend the same amount but yet, no extra food to eat for the next few days.

This was my quick plan. We couldn't think of any appetizers so what I did, I started digging in our grocery cabinet and boom I found tunas!!! So I checked the fridge and see what we have. I called my husband when he was at worked and shared to him about what popped in my mind. We didn't have tomatoes, crackers and cucumbers so I asked my husband if we can get them yummy grubs!

Our Appetizer ingredients:

Cucumbers, tomatoes, crackers, tuna, mayonaise, salt & pepper.

Our Pasta recipes:

Shrimps, little scallops, spaghetti pasta, red bell pepper, garlics, spinach, coconut sauce, & one last ingredients that I cannot spill yet :)

We cooked together! That's when the fun really happened. He cut the ingredients and saute it and boiled the pasta & I did the mixing and tasting. I put the coconut sauce & my secret ingredient.

I decorated the plate, cut the lemon and basically did my best to be really artistic that night haha. I hope it doesn't look funny.

Our drinks was very simple and cheap! We had this awesome filipino mango juice and it was stinkingly happy clappy tasty!

My decorations are very simple. I didn't want to over decorate our flat but it came out so clean and really classy at the same time!

Oh, I added cilantro on our tuna and it tasted sooooooo YUM NOM!

My handsome man... This pose is more than adorable...

So before we ate our dessert, we wrote each other a letter. I designed these cards and it even have meaningful. I told him to pick the twine that's on the left side because when we got married, he was standing left side facing the altar and of course I was on the right.

Oh yes, we wrote the letter on our table. We did it spontaneously! When I was reading his letter, I couldn't help it but smiled. He really touched my heart.

This is his idea. SHORT CAKE aaaah I loved it STRAWBERRY Much!!! The ingredients was pretty simple. We had frozen strawberries & whipped cream!

I had to take another snap just to show you how good this dessert was hahaha

Our night was full of JOY! I am more than blessed... couldn't ask for more. I thank God for all the blessings and love He shared to me since birth. I know one thing for sure when I was in my stormy days, God has been there loving me each day and truly filled me with more than gallons of Love. Then after years of waiting, here I am, God allowed me to meet my dream, and be married to my loving and kind husband.

Then yesterday, I took pictures of the stuff we used that night using the natural light. THE WINDOW POWER!

I hope you enjoyed your valentines day too! I cannot wait til next year!


WOW WOW WOW! My sister is soooo beautiful! This was when she picked up her baby! MY NEPHEW!!! For the first time, me and my husband had a chance to babysit him! I will tell you more about it soon!



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