Thursday, February 7, 2013

You've been portraited

Yes that word doesn't exist! But it does exist in my blog! Meet this little Mia. She's from my church. Oh yes she's everybody's favorite. I shoot a video for her dad at the park yesterday and I was still sick but good thing the weather wasn't bad at all. We picked up this little Mia at her school and she went with us and watched the promo video shooting. Oh A BIG shout out to Jonathan Rosa. Thank you for helping me! Ah! I should have took a picture of you guys! BOO me!!!!

Anyway.. after the photoshoot, I asked Mia if i can take a picture of her. At first she didn't want it but I asked her why she didn't like me very much. Yes goes "YES I DO!" I was like no you don't and she replied "I DO!" so i took advantage by saying "If you really do..let me take a picture you then" and she smiled saying "otey" hahahahah And here she is with her big smile!

I was teaching her some cute pose and I asked her to look down (her eyes only) and of course she's still a little girl and can't follow the instruction 100% but you know what? I decided, I'll keep this shot. And she looked so cute.

This is my favorite pose I asked her to do! She followed me very quickly and I enjoyed taking pictures of her. I only took 7 images and those two.. I scratched because it wasn't necessary to pick almost the same pose. So I deleted them two pictures. ISN'T SHE LOVELY?

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