Friday, February 15, 2013


It is 6:49 am and I'm still awake. I'm actually frustrated and really angry because my macbookpro has been acting up. I couldn't finish editing the pictures. :( Since it stopped working, this is all I can show you for now. I know I'm too early for this but I've been up and can't sleep trying to figure out what happened to my laptop. I had to delete my photoshop and reinstall it but it's still ill. It keeps freezing. So when I reinstalled it, it worked for a bit then until it froze for few minutes until i had to hit the power button and shut it down completely. For some reason, the laptop started with folder that has question mark. So I shut it down on and off and on and off.. and on and OFF. I didn't stop until this laptop started. Ha.. for some reason it started! Thanks to my awesome finger for pressing the button on and on and off and on and off :/  

Anyway, I had fun with my date. Our first plan was to go out to eat but since our money is really limited, I suggested to my husband to just stay home and cook together. He loved the idea. So we planned our Drinks, Appetizer, Entree & dessert. I will share the recipes later.

I love DIY and I'm sure some of my awesome readers knew that. This download this template and manipulated the wordings. I changed it to "keep calm and love me" then good thing I have extra crafty goodies. Whewsh.. So the purpose of this card is for us to write each other a letter. More stories later.

So here's our awesome entree. Seafood pasta with coconut cream sauce. It's really good! and we have secret ingredients but we will spill it maybe later?

Our table set up. It's very simple. I wanted to make it look elegant and crafty as well.. I will tell you more what drinks we prepared, the appetizer and dessert. Hope you enjoyed the sneakpeakaboo and I hope you all had an amazing love day! Remember, love day isn't just for Feb. 14th. To me, LOVE is my everyday prescription. CIAO!

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  1. Normally, I enjoy evrything you write and all the pictures that you put up and write about. But, this particular one about your Valentines day, I really, really enjoyed!!! First of all, I love your honesty. I'm not to sure many people would share about, a special occasion with a loved one and doing so on a budget. Nothing to be ashamed of, we all have similar issues. One of my favorite presents that my husband ever gave me, was a huge pink panther stuffed animal that he gave me on our first Christmas as husband and wife. Our finances were really limited, he knew that this is my all time favorite cartoon. So, he gifted my with my Pinky. It cost him $25.00 at that time, and that was even stretching it for us. This Pinky has traveled with us, anywhere and everywhere we have moved. Today, I still have him, he's gray from dirt and is ripped on some parts. But, I won't part with him. He's very special to me, as he's a gift my husband game me on our first Christmas together, when we experincing rough times with our finances. I think, it's really SWEET and creative, what you and your hubby did for your Valentine's. Thanks for sharing with all of us. :-)


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