Thursday, February 7, 2013

You've been blogged

I posted a tutorial few days ago and finally I got one person that sent me her own picture using the tutorial I made. Woah! It really made my day! One person is more than enough.. I'm not famous anyway hahahah But I really appreciate Naomi. Oh please follow her art as well.. she's pretty talented! I love her style! She knows it!Her blog here: She went to hongkong to shoot a wedding! She's been very bless lately! But oh.. it didn't start like that.. she had ups and downs too! I remembered when she sent me a message on facebook and shared how sad she was and frustrated about her business. She was sad because she thinks nobody wants to hire her. I told her to take her time. I shared to her what I'm believing. I said I believe that one day, someone will stick to what I love. I told her that I believe in her art . I'll add this up.. I also believe in her heart. Her heart loves God, and God knows her passion. Man, I just saw how opportunities started to come in. A magazine in australia featured her work, she get to shoot a wedding in hongkong? she get to shoot celebrities? WAIT that's not just opportunities! That's FAVOR!

Thank you my friend for letting me post this picture and for following the tutorial.. that's very humble of you! I pray that God will continue blessing you with more "FAVOR"

BLOGGERS! READERS! It's never too late! Email me your work/photograph and use my own recipe from this link 

I will include you to my "You've been blogged" Thank you again readers! Hope to hear from you! 

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