Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Capture Challenge 2013

 I'm so so so so excited to do this challenge again! I had my very first capture challenge last year but this year I will do more! I wanted to know how many people out there that loves to take pictures of their food! A lot of people that I know usually laugh at me (in a good way) because they know how much i love taking pictures of my food! I'm a FBI photographer! I facebook it, blog it, and instagram it! hahaha I want to share my favorite breakfast on earth!

- C O F F E E  and  B I S C O T T I

Yes! It's sooooo delicious! I actually love home made biscottissss! And starbucks biscooos! But for some reason, they got rid of my favorite one, The caramel macchiato! ahh sad face!

Yes I ate these yummm biscoooos! I love dipping it in my coffee. They smell so good too! I wish I had caramel. 

That's just about it folks! The challenge is pretty exciting! I'm expecting from you! Please please join me! don't forget to email me and of course I will credit your work!

Here's the challenge:

1. Take a picture of your favorite breakfast
2. Make sure you're in the picture! Show how much you love it!
3. Don't forget to write ---> for joy on a piece of paper
4. Be creative!
5. You can use any type of cameras! You can use your phone too!

Challenge will be up until Feb. 4, 2013 only. Hope to hear from you soon!!


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