Sunday, January 20, 2013

Home tour pt 1

Hello bloggers, viewers & readers =D I wish I can blog everyday! But It's so hard especially I'm a busy
wife, worshiper, napper, eater and a photographer! And It's a shame that I can only blog at night well
early in the morning.. Obviously, I'm still awake! My husband has been snoring and I'm here blogging. 
BAD GAL! hahaha Anyway.. I wanna share this video first before continuing. This made me laugh! I 
love this production! They make awesome short films! Every time I watch their new stuff, it's either I 
cry or laugh and cry with so much laughing! 

Going back to our tour... It's been rough & tough and I've been trying to finish organizing our flat & 
I still have more things to organize! But for now, let's begin our adventure at my living room/ kitchen.

Oh boy! Our space is really tiny! Everything that you see are well planned. Those shelvings are part of
it! About the design..we did a lot of BIY! (build it yourself) 

As you can see, I still have my chalk board and I had a perfect plan for it but it didn't work. Because of
our small space, the plan didn't go well. In my head, "Oh this board is perfect for our kitchen" but then
BOOM! I got no place to put it. So today, I decided, I will hang it close to the fridge. I will post it 
soon. I KNO I KNO! you see a lot of IKEA goodies! YES! WE love them! They're affordable and 
they got lots of sale stuff hahah. Like that cute basket, originally it was i think $39.99 & I got it for 
$17.99 It's 3 pieces by the way. I bought the bucket at marshalls! Oh how I love marshalls!

I put rice & stored some noodles & snacks there and lots of roasted seaweeds! YUM! Oh! why there's a 
tree branch there? I just love it there! It's my piece of art hahaha So how about the broom? It's made in 
BAGUIO CITY! We call it WALIS TAMBO! I love it! When I found it in the filipino market, I didn't 
hesitate to grab it! And I will keep purchasing it! This broom is awesome! You should all try it! haha

Going back to sale stuff? Some of them are from Ikea sale sections! $.25 each cup! 

shelvings left and right! And guest who put the microwave up in the sky? MY DEAR HUSBAND! 
hahahaha Everything's so high! I've been asking for a latter and still? I have none! 

And of course my husband build this hanger rack for me... Home depot is the place to be! Thumbs up!

Like I said, I will print thy wedding pictures! Here ya GO! 

Wednesday night, I attended a prayer worship service at Staten Island. It was actually awesome! I 
actually shared my experience to my worship team and we're going to consider the prayer worship 
service they did. AND guess what I got after the service? FREE GROCERIES!!!!! SCREAM! and 
what's awesome about the good news was, their service started around 7:30ish and it was my church's 
last day of fasting! Imagine? 21 days without sugar, 21 days without meat, no bread, and so on and so
forth? Ah! then having these goodies made me soooo happy! First of, I'm in charge of groceries! 
WOO HOO! FAVOR! hahahaha God is AMAZING! Thank you Jesus! He's such a great provider!

Our coffee/tea/sugar/cereal section! I bought those little boxes at michael's! I bought it for my 
husband's sister's party! Then I was like.. wait.. I have to store it somewhere. But then I had a quick 
idea & I asked my husband to hang it for me! And it looks great! 

I remember we had a huge kitchen island then we ended up having a super tiny one.. wow, yes, my 
husband measured everything in our flat before he purchased it. Yes I got random plates bowls & 
glass. Guess where I got them? IKEA sale section (wink).

Look at our tiny mini wini kitchen cabinet. Awww.. NOT! It's NOT cute! But I'm thankful! :)

Got these little jars from the dollar store! 

Have you all tried coffee with carnation evaporation on your coffee? mmmm.. oh so ziplicious! 

2 Cans and it almost filled the bottle haha. Well readers, viewers, lovers, believers, and so on and on,
see you all next time! HOME TOUR PART ii YEAAAH!!!! 

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