Monday, January 14, 2013


Our background music during our session!

Before our session

I didn't have assistants. I was holding my card reflector alone. I was her photographer and make up
artist too. But since my idea was more about her skin, I only put a little bit of powder here & there,
mascara and white eye shadow make up. And a pale lipstick to make it look like she has a dry lip.
This session was only a trial and it wasn't really well planned. I asked her if she don't mind if
I'll make her look weird. Of course she said YES.

This portrait I did today wasn't really a sexy portrait. It's about exposing your real color. It's about
expressing your mood and a portrait that's trying to speak out. Last night, I just realized my real target.
I had a chance to get to know me. I asked myself these questions: WHAT IS MY STYLE. WHO'S MY 

When I check out my myspace and checked all my old stuff, It was funny that I've changed my style
and I'm not the same as I use to be. The truth is, I started with self portraits. I had a small sony 
digital camera and I did a lot of photoshoppin. Today, it felt like I had a long sleep. Meaning, it took
a while for me to realize that I needed to wake up! I love weddings, I know business wise, you can 
make a lot of money but It's not in my heart. But of course like I said, I'm still willing to photograph
my friend's wedding. ONLY if they really really want to hire me. 

Out of focus but it's still a great photo :)

MEET my friend Bridget.. I hope I know how to spell her name haha.. I asked her if she'll model
for me. I'm planning a big set for her. I'm really excited! I've been looking forward to have a
 big photography session but it's so hard to put people together! I cannot wait! She already
 found people that will help us to make it happen!

At first, I was hesitating to post this particular image because I didn't want the fact that she's looking
somewhere. It wasn't her fault. I saw my little floss. My plan was just all about her & my lens. It's
either she's looking at her body or pointing her eyes to my lens. I wanted that idea because i wanted to
have connection with my client and i want my client to have a connection with my lens AND herself.

Since I started photography, i Always wanted my subject to open her or his mouth a little bit.
 It's simply because the mouth can speak even the mouth isn't moving. How? think about it,
when someone is pointing you without saying anything, or gave you a flying kiss, it means it's
 giving you a message even there's no words. I want my photograph to have life. I know I'm
 still sharpening everything.

But I am confident enough that my photographs are loud! They scream! That's one thing I want my
readers to know. You should be proud of your work. To all photographers out there, you need to make
your photograph speak. Tell them to scream. I was the same but I had to kill that kind of negativity.
I critic my stuff but also I flaunt them very well. I LOVE MY WORK!!!

My B&W flavah... <3

After our session! It was really fun!

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