Monday, January 28, 2013

Lazy monday 2013

What a FUN night! I love our bonding time. Newport mall isn't the best mall on earth but it has awesome memories for us. We went SHOPPING.. for our kitchen ahhh! We don't have enough pots. This husband isn't a type of person that likes to shop. He will only shop when it's needed. He doesn't like to go with the flow. He loves to plan everything. Sometimes I'm opposite. If there's a sale? I don't waste time. I will grab the opportunity hahaha. 

I asked him to smile. He tried but he has to yawn. While I was editing these images, I was laughing. He knows how to be silly. I love it when he does that. He can be an awesome clown and cute at the same time. He knows I love to take pictures before eating and he enjoys it now. "HE BE KNOWIN!!!"

He loves wasabi on his soysauce! Oh by the way, He requested to capture how he does his thing haha Step by step. My silly guy knows how to get along now. He enjoys taking picture of the food. He got use to it!

Of course here I was, my turn! I always order these particular nom noms! I love salmon! Mmmm.. It's soooo good! I love how they make the sushi rice! It's so soft & super tasty! Some people doesn't like the sushi in the mall. WE DO! And we called our night as our SHANDAROLL hahaha! 

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  1. nice pics! Your highlights roll off so smoooth :O


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