Friday, January 18, 2013


Thursday was such a great day for me especially I had a great encounter with God. It's pretty exciting.
Maybe some of you doesn't know how much I've been struggling lately. About my leadership position
and to be honest, I've been wanting to stop & just be a worshiper. 

It's been tough lately. Being a worship leader felt like a burden to me. No it wasn't the pride. It was 
more on handeling myself. My patient is a problem. I have a BAD temper. Well that's what I've been 
dealing with to be honest. Yes it has something to do with me. I'M THE PROBLEM. These are the 
words I've been telling myself. I'm a BAD Gal. No I'm not a bad woman. I'm just a bad girl. 

So I told my husband, since I don't feel equipped enough to be a leader, might as well, QUIT. 
So I spoke to our new church coaches and they told me that this is the perfect time to say "I won't
quit" because in the first place, a leader should never quit especially when the storm is massive. They 
said I should push more. 

God spoke to me today. He told me to keep running and Get to the finish line. He said me & Him have
a long run to go. It's not over yet. He said I haven't even finish the half runner yet. Wheewshh.. That 
small voice. I heard Him when i was listening to the songs I was preparing for my worship team 
rehearsal at my flat. It's true.. God really enjoys worship. 

I had coffee with honey while listening to the songs. This honey is really delicious.

The rehearsal with my worship team women are WOW so amazing! We all had so much FUN with so
much laughs! I wish I had a chance to capture it. I CANNOT WAIT TO WORSHIP WITH THEM 
THIS COMING SUNDAY! I love my iWorship team!

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