Friday, January 11, 2013

Personal goodies

Today, I've decided to do a half media fast. It might sound funny but i have to keep my 
photography blog alive. The only thing I won't do is browse on someone's picture on facebook, chit 
chat or get on facebook 100 times like I usually do. Geez. Facebook is really addicting. Well it's only
because I have a lot of friends abroad. I love connecting with them and i love sharing what I'm feeling.
Ehem... status. But this fast we're doing is really awesome. It's really helping me. Instagram.. oh my!
Another app that I'm sooo addicted. I even want to eat it. haha I'm exaggerating. I love sharing all my 
things there. And I love connecting with my church mates there too. I'm curious about other's story as 
well. Ah not good anymore! That's why... WOW, I haven't visit instragram in like 11 days? hahahah

I'm writing this because I wanted to be honest with you readers. I know I've announced about my 
fast. But I apologize if someone got offended. It's not because I wanted to break it. I know it's all about
sacrifices. And I really thought about this and still wanted to apologies especially to my fb readers. 

I know this is  a personal blog but I wanted to stay connected with you!  Yes you! ANYWAYS!
UGH! it seems like it's been a while! I'd like to share couple of things that I use. Stuff that I love! 

This perfume is really my number one favorite. I fancy body shop a lot. Their service is also awesome!
I love it when they have sale. This is supposed to be $25 but i got for sale online! oh how i heart thou 

These bad girls are really awesome! And i got 50% off! Plus another 10% off because I have a
membership card! SOOOOOOooooo worth buying it! My sister recommended these girls because she's
an expert make up guru hahah She loves make up! And she said that shimmering sparkling shiny faces
are asian's favorite. I laughed but I'm willing to try it. But recently, I got too lazy about make ups. My
interest faded. It's simply cause my husband loves my natural skin. I only put make up when there's
a special occasion. I love make up of course! But I just had to tone it down. I heart dark eye shadows.

I'm sooooo in love with love spell. I guess that's why the named it love spell?

Eeeek.. quiet scary. But I just love the smell of it. My friend recommended it to me. Victoria Secret
has amazing goodies. And the fact that i thought i lost my gift cards from my bridal shower, for some 
reason, it was in my purse! haaaaahhh Shandaaah! 

Bath and body works has a lot of fragrance but this sweet on paris is the one that i can purchase over
and over and over. But too bad, i believe they're getting rid of them. I got this one for sale. Of course
I used my bridal shower gift cards and yes i spent it all! I had great deals. Oh wait.. i still have $4 left.
Ah i should have got me another one of this. I just actually realized lately that they're getting rid of this
particular product. Bath & body works can't stick sit still. They had to do something to make people
love their product. Perhaps, I'm one of the few ones that like this product? Same thing with my
favorite body wash, Dark Kiss. BOO...... :( made me sad when i got there and one of the cashier said
they already got rid of them! COME ON! I showed them my sad puppy face.

Guess what, Bare Minerals cleaning products are awesome! I had this for a year now and still kickin.
They're pricey! Thank God nathan's mum bought these stuff for me. She bought me a lot of bare
make ups! I love them! She got it for me last Nov. 2011 in seattle but hey, i still have them!

I wanted to take more photos but this is all I can share for now! I hope you enjoyed reading!

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