Thursday, January 10, 2013

First flash photography

My first flash experience. I love natural light photography but recently, this flash photography became
so interesting. I played with it after my session with my cop friends. They're getting married and I had 
to shoot them for their save the date cards. I was so nervous because I really had no idea how to start. 

My friend Lorenzo, another awesome photographer that I know lend me his soft box and some studio 
goodies. He taught me how to set it up and my cam'ra for 15 min. I have so many questions but we 
didn't have enough time because he has to leave and i had to leave also to prepare for my photoshoot.

My cop friends sent me a picture sample that they really want to do. When I looked at it, I thought I
needed time. But I decided with faith that I'm gonna shoot them no matter what. Basically I did say 
yes a bottle with courage. I was shaking and really nervous while i was shooting. I was nervous 
because it's my first time playing the studio goodies with triggers and such... ah! it was intense but the 
only was, I wasn't showing it. Well, I'm actually not sure if it was obvious or not. Maybe i should ask 
them? Eeek.. but while taking photos, I've been telling them I can pull it up especially in photoshop. 

They're really asking a lot of questions which is normal. I love it when people ask questions because 
it's teaching me how to handle it well. I'm really glad we had so much fun that night. My husband was
very supportive even though he was so tired after working all day. I will post the picture of the save 
the date card. Right now, they requested not to post it yet. I'm actually excited to show it soon!

My friend called and was asking if he can have his goodies back. So while waiting for him to come 
pick it up, I tested it out again since I haven't done self portrait in a while. So here's the result of my
little self trial. I was actually amazed. 

That night, I asked my cop friend if i can have an extra photo of her. This image is actually not part of
our session. I just really requested it so that I can post it here and show more of my flash experience. It 
was actually fun but then was also a little frustrated because I had to move the soft box to have a good 
angle. But all in all, it was a great session! Well I hope you had a happy clappy reading time.

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