Friday, January 18, 2013

Wedding ideas

I've been wanting to share all my ideas but it's just hard to put things together especially my schedule is

super tight. But earlier today, I've decided HA! "I'm gonna do it!" I wish I had this on my wedding but
our budget can't handle it because of the amount of people we invited but I will also share my wedding
materials I used for my wedding SOON!

Doing a bow style is really too old school already. So I came up with this idea and I will show how to
roll it around the chair without using any pins.

These goodies are really cheap! I found the amazing bottle from the magical thrift store! $.25 each!
I wanted to use a real rose but since I don't have a budget to grab one at the store, I used my dried
rose. I love them! And the white crochet thread was only $2.95 & it's a baby soft thread!

And of course this net fabric, as you can see it's only $1.50 from IKEA sale section. I had a great deal!
But they're actually easy to find! You can find them at any fabric store!

The paper inside is a program. It looks more elegant to insert it than putting it on the chair.

Here's how to roll the fabric.

S T E P  1

S T E P 2

S T E P  3

S T E P  4

S T E P  5
make sure it's tight and really cover it and spread out the fabric a little bit. Scroll back to the top to see
the result that way you'll have more idea how it's done.

S T E P  6

More ideas soon! SEE YA!

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