Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I can't believe it's already January 16, 2013 and our last year's wedding was June 16th. We got 5 
months to go and it will be our first year anniversary! TIME DOES FLY! I wanna share my favorite
wedding pictures of us... And we wanna thank Emily August for capturing our important day. Feel 
free to visit her website at  

I'm so proud to say, I designed my own gown. I haven't pick up my sketch yet from my tailor's studio.
She did such an amazing job making them... By the way, these are the pictures we picked and I will
order prints and of course I will blog it! 

My tailor asked me to go with her to shop and pick the materials. She also suggested ideas how to 
make them look more stunning. And the most amazing part was, she sew this whole gown for free! 
AND she bought all the materials for free! YES SHE PAID FOR IT AND... it didn't end like that!
She and her husband brought to their favorite restaurant in manhattan and they treat me guess 

I didn't give my photographer a hard time to sit down and edit all these images. I told her I will edit 
them myself. I'm happy, we're very happy. The results are amazing! I will show you more of our 
wedding pictures soon! I know i said that since last year! But I've been very busy and can't prioritize
my own pictures :( haha Well see you on the next post! 

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